Saturday, 30 January 2010


haha i really am the geek i was at college ^^
i wanna like find that me again, i wanna be who i was =] but yeh

so i bought a ring the other day it was in the sale and i just couldnt resist, i had seen it at christmas and wanted it . i dont normally wear rings but im gonna deffo wear this one =] So this weekend is gonna be a making mission! im getting ready for the craft fair next weekend in my home town. Gonna make some more necklaces and some rings, should be goood.

Listening to some awesome a cappella atm i love it... check it out its this album =] 'Boca 2009: best of college a cappella' if u use spotify its on there.

last thing to share with you for the moment.. i bought a fake ear plug seeing as i dont wanna actually stretch my ear hahaoh ok this really is the last thing, i drew some faces the other day and i quite liked them, when i scan them in ill share them on here =]

people should get a dailybooth as well.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

woah its been a while

oh, i havnt been on here in a while.
hmm let me think, whats been happening in my world.
well on friday i went to bournemouth and by sat me and my mates had a house to live in for our final year at uni =] yay
it was such a long 2 days but spending it with friends was awesome. so good to have a chat and catch up.

then on sunday i had bob skeleton training which was gooood

more importanly i got my heroes dvds in the post and my heroes hoody haha im such a geeek
oh and i bought wild child on dvd, i think im in love with alex pettyfer in it lol

thats it for now

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Vote! =]

hey so my tee design is up on SwishSwosh. i would love tit if you went and voted for it so i can get it printed. While you're there why not join and enter your own stuff?

yeh, im still at work atm lol.
Just booked my hotel to go down to bournemouth on friday for the epic house hunt!

ooo also came up with some new ideas last night, just have to draw them up


Sunday, 17 January 2010

i can see you

I designed a t-shirt today. Im gonna enter onto! Ill let you know when its up as it will need some voting love =]. Heres a sneek peak at it!!

I need to start comming up with some more fresh ideas. I love it when all of a sudden you have a 'ding' of a lightbulb moment! I need some more of these hehe.

Oh and im hoping to get these sooon, cant wait ^^

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I'm Hooked!#

Soo i started watching glee the other week and after the 1st 2 episodes i was hooked. so yup now ive seen all of series one! yay bring on series 2 please. the music is soo cool and all the mash ups, makes me wanna get back into singing hehe!!

so as i finsihed watching glee i decided to pick bck up with a town called eureka, im on series 2 atm and have series 3 ready to watch. if uve not seen it b4 give it a watch. its about a town where crazy science things happen hehe

oh and another series that im glad has started up again 90210 wahey, guilty pleasure haha

which reminds me i have to order my heroes dvd box set i still have to watch series 3 and catch up, even my parents are ahead on me with it. this is not good!!

anyways off to watch some eureka =]

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hey ho theres more snow!#

So went to bed last night and it was snowing, so yeh i woke up to some more fresh snow =] wooop.
Now my snow boots i brought back from home to work have come in handy and they keep my feet so warm =].
Works been quiet as people cant get in but has meant that i have been able to have time to do some of my own work.....
My friend is organising a coffee and craft fair for the charity Childreach and she asked if i wanted a stall to seel some of my creations =] should be good. Got plans to make some bags and such, will post them when i make them! What im trying to get to her is the fact i designed a poster to advertise this.. here it is!!

oh a quick boo hiss to the snow, i was meant to get my hair cut today but the hairdressers was shut boo hoo =[. Lets hope i can get it cut 2moz

oh also started looking for a new house in bournemouth for final year. Cant wait, gonna be living with Amy and Clare =]. Well old pic but i like it haha

Monday, 11 January 2010

So its a monday was back at work, was actually quite busy today, although i did find time to have a random look on the net for things. I found these really cool but yeh i guess quite geeky starwars troopers heels. I so want a pair but i dont think u can actually get them. I think its gonna have to be a project for me to make my own hehe!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Been making things ^_^

So today has been quite productive for me. Ive made some new necklaces and a bracelet hehe. I have my own design thing, called Ouch!# Designs. I design and make things in what spare time i have which isnt much atm haha. Hope to open a shop up on the net asap =].

Oh and i made a snow monster and giraffe hehe

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Hey bloggers, well this is my first ever blog. Just trying to get to grips with how this all works =].

So i think i should start my introducing myself, Hi im Jen, im 21! I am currently in my 3rd year at uni which for me is a placement year. I study Product Design at Bournemouth Uni, i really love it in Bournemouth and as im away at the moment im really missing it!

Im currently working for a packaging design consultancy in a place called Marlborough. Its a good job and its giving me a real insight into part of the industry i want to work in.

Hmmmm what else about me....well ive always been a sprinter, so i run the 60m, 100m and 200m and love a good 4x100m relay. Ive been county champion in both 100m and 200m which i must say was a real achievement for me and when i held the title for a few years it really meant alot.
Sprinting led me onto Bob Skeleton which for those that dont know is the ice sport where you go head first down an ice track at 80/90mph. Yeh its fast and i love it, i train almost everyday to keep up my fitness, im aiming for the winter olymipcs ^_^I love to draw and make this so keep your eyes peeled on here for updates on my work =]. Bellow are some models i made out of fimo =]

ummm i think thats all for now.
thanks for reading =]