Thursday, 7 January 2010


Hey bloggers, well this is my first ever blog. Just trying to get to grips with how this all works =].

So i think i should start my introducing myself, Hi im Jen, im 21! I am currently in my 3rd year at uni which for me is a placement year. I study Product Design at Bournemouth Uni, i really love it in Bournemouth and as im away at the moment im really missing it!

Im currently working for a packaging design consultancy in a place called Marlborough. Its a good job and its giving me a real insight into part of the industry i want to work in.

Hmmmm what else about me....well ive always been a sprinter, so i run the 60m, 100m and 200m and love a good 4x100m relay. Ive been county champion in both 100m and 200m which i must say was a real achievement for me and when i held the title for a few years it really meant alot.
Sprinting led me onto Bob Skeleton which for those that dont know is the ice sport where you go head first down an ice track at 80/90mph. Yeh its fast and i love it, i train almost everyday to keep up my fitness, im aiming for the winter olymipcs ^_^I love to draw and make this so keep your eyes peeled on here for updates on my work =]. Bellow are some models i made out of fimo =]

ummm i think thats all for now.
thanks for reading =]

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