Thursday, 14 January 2010

I'm Hooked!#

Soo i started watching glee the other week and after the 1st 2 episodes i was hooked. so yup now ive seen all of series one! yay bring on series 2 please. the music is soo cool and all the mash ups, makes me wanna get back into singing hehe!!

so as i finsihed watching glee i decided to pick bck up with a town called eureka, im on series 2 atm and have series 3 ready to watch. if uve not seen it b4 give it a watch. its about a town where crazy science things happen hehe

oh and another series that im glad has started up again 90210 wahey, guilty pleasure haha

which reminds me i have to order my heroes dvd box set i still have to watch series 3 and catch up, even my parents are ahead on me with it. this is not good!!

anyways off to watch some eureka =]

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