Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hey ho theres more snow!#

So went to bed last night and it was snowing, so yeh i woke up to some more fresh snow =] wooop.
Now my snow boots i brought back from home to work have come in handy and they keep my feet so warm =].
Works been quiet as people cant get in but has meant that i have been able to have time to do some of my own work.....
My friend is organising a coffee and craft fair for the charity Childreach and she asked if i wanted a stall to seel some of my creations =] should be good. Got plans to make some bags and such, will post them when i make them! What im trying to get to her is the fact i designed a poster to advertise this.. here it is!!

oh a quick boo hiss to the snow, i was meant to get my hair cut today but the hairdressers was shut boo hoo =[. Lets hope i can get it cut 2moz

oh also started looking for a new house in bournemouth for final year. Cant wait, gonna be living with Amy and Clare =]. Well old pic but i like it haha

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