Saturday, 30 January 2010


haha i really am the geek i was at college ^^
i wanna like find that me again, i wanna be who i was =] but yeh

so i bought a ring the other day it was in the sale and i just couldnt resist, i had seen it at christmas and wanted it . i dont normally wear rings but im gonna deffo wear this one =] So this weekend is gonna be a making mission! im getting ready for the craft fair next weekend in my home town. Gonna make some more necklaces and some rings, should be goood.

Listening to some awesome a cappella atm i love it... check it out its this album =] 'Boca 2009: best of college a cappella' if u use spotify its on there.

last thing to share with you for the moment.. i bought a fake ear plug seeing as i dont wanna actually stretch my ear hahaoh ok this really is the last thing, i drew some faces the other day and i quite liked them, when i scan them in ill share them on here =]

people should get a dailybooth as well.

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